Luxury is about emotion
…but not only.

We put
our expertise to your service
so as
to leverage and maintain
your effeciency
on the Middle East Market

Talents' Recrutement and follow up

Recrutement expert in the industry of luxury, we work with the latest and most effective tools on the market.
We propose to guide you in the analysis of your needs, help you identify the high potential profiles and the applicants' follow up on site.

In order not to reach short term results only, our methods aim to provide you with both total integration and long lasting satisfaction regarding your entities.

Personalised training

Excellence standards continuously evolve and require frequent updates on your part. Our personalised trainings thus propose to bring your teams with the highest standards in luxury.

What values embody your company? What image would you like to convey?

Our trainings ensure a unique experience for all your customers, through operation, support and management.

Strategy Consulting

To guarantee our most valued partners' success, our responsibility is to permanently be on the lookout, to analyze your business and be at the forefront so as to establish a strategy of excellence.

What makes us different?
Our dexterity, innovation and engagement.


Tarek Dhouibi

Regional Director Middle Est & Asia
+33 (0)6 19 91 10 50

Laurie Emelin

Regional Director Middle Est & Asia
+33 (0)6 18 24 48 34